Friday, October 11, 2013

Great EXpectations by Fallon

Hey guys, today I'm doing something a little different...I have a guest-blogger, yes! Fallon, from HIPPIEFAL is taking over! If you want to read more about love, silliness, and awesome bloggers head over to her page!

Over the weekend I went to dinner with an ex, the most recent one added to my collection of failed relationships.  In the days leading up we conversed over the phone and through texts.  I had my hopes high for our dinner ‘date’ I thought maybe they came back into my life to be with me again and confess their love.  Maybe this was the one that got away and now they were back again! I felt so happy and giddy like a toddler who gets a hold of a piece of candy.  

They broke up with me and I had reached out to be friends after our relationship was over but it wasn’t really reciprocated so you can guess my shock and dismay when they reached out and seemed very friendly if not flirty. 

After our first conversation on the phone I knew that I still had feelings and that this shit was not okay but like a junkie I ignored the addiction I clearly had for this person still and went on with setting plans for dinner which was their idea by the way.  We get to dinner (I picked the place and of coarse since I was trying to bring the feelings back and get the mood right I chose a romantic restaurant overlooking the water, yeah I know.)  By the way I looked amazing! 

We sit down and then like word vomit I blurted out ‘So I still like you, what about you?” haha gawd! Am I really making this confession right now?  They then took a deep sigh that seemed like it lasted for hours and said “I was afraid of this; I thought we were just being friends…”  My whole expression shifted and I regretted saying anything at all, hell I regretting even talking to them again.  I then got even blunter and said “So you have no romantic feelings for me at all?”  Response: “No. No, I don’t.” 

I had been in past relationships where we would break up and then they would hit me up after a few months to be “friends” and we would hang out and then BAM we like eachother again and end up going back to their place and fucking that same night and inevitably end up trying the love thing again just for shits and giggles.  So this was the first time that an ex actually just wanted to be friends, platonic friends at that and felt nothing more.  I wasn’t familiar.  The rest of the dinner we spoke about everything while I chugged my long island iced tea and picked over my pasta because of course I had no fucking appetite at this point. 

I realized in the days following the dinner that we couldn’t be friends, I wasn’t over them enough to be.  So I ended the new found friendship we were trying to establish and it ended badly…again.  Sigh.  A part of me feels free though and that even though it ended bad at least I can now truly get over them and move on with my life and maybe one day ill discover that I really didn’t even want to be friends with them.  To be honest I only agreed to wanting to be friends too in hopes of them somehow developing feelings for me again if I became the bestest friend they ever had.  I would have been pretending and in turn driving myself crazy.  
Everything has a lesson and I learned that you should never get your hopes up especially in dealing with an ex and that a true friendship never works unless both parties feel nothing romantically for eachother anymore.  This weekend was fucking intense to say the absolute least and my emotions ran crazy, crazy enough for me to call my good friend in NYC and let her know that I booked a flight and will be coming to stay with her within the week.  Sometimes things happen and you need to pack up and leave for a bit, get out of your environment.  Goodbye LA.

Monday, October 07, 2013


So we all know the greatest perk to interning at a music based company is that we get all the merch that we can't afford when we go to concerts, for free! Last week my old supervisor got promoted (congrats Cat!), and left a bunch of shit behind at her desk. She was nice enough to give me some of the goods. Of course I went through it, and of course I had no shame when I took all of these. 

I got Janet & the Ink Spots at the Goodwill tho 

LOL my girl Alicia Keys

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I just don't know anymore

I hate to be that girl who writes about her problems on the internet but here I am. Like a 15 year old girl feeling sad and feeling like she can't go to anyone but her macbook. I've been feeling so lost lately and it's scary. I have a great boyfriend, a cool job, and school but I feel like that's not enough. There's nothing behind most of those things. I want to feel pure happiness and I'm not sure to fully achieve this. I'm crying and I don't know why. I'm sure I'll regret posting this in a few hours but fuck everything, I think it's okay to be vulnerable in this place called the internet. I'm so lucky but I feel so misunderstood, and it really just sucks. I know I have no major problems and should be grateful for everything that comes my way or just for the simple fact that I have a bed, and food, and a job, etc. but I just can't help to feel just so...crappy.  

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hey guys, just wanted to share a band with y'all on a Saturday...consider yourselves lucky ;)

If you're into banjos, fiddles, and fun get into The Brothers Comatose! I literally just heard their stuff, and before you judge they definitely aren't true to their bands name (comatose, psh, more like...I got nothing, but they're great!). Although I wouldn't typically listen to this, I've been on a blue-grassy kick and they're hitting all the right spots to make me want to get up, clap, and ear-to-ear smile.

And if you dig it, well, you're in luck again! They're playing a show tomorrow at The Bell House in Brooklyn for 10 bucks!

If you're still undecided, check out their video for "Pie for Breakfast"...which reminds me, I'm pretty hungry. Anyway, happy Saturday!

Monday, September 09, 2013


This pipsqueak has got some serious pipes - said no one ever...


Everyone is buzzing about the ex broadway-CAT VALENTINE-red headed, now brunette-err, kind of-turned pop star. She's been compared to Mariah (we on fy-ah) and to be fair she's definitely got that talent but she's also got her own thing going on. This is her debut album but for the older fans, let's not ever forget about this catastrophe...I'm sorry, live and learn bb.

Anyway, not only can she belt it out like it's no ones business, but she's also great at impressions, but that's just a side thing. I gotchu' Ari. 

 She looks like she's five, but I got a big 'ol crush on her, and I really hope that's okay to say. My favorite song on the album so far is a duet between her and The Wanted's, Nathan Sykes "Almost Is Never Enough". SO MUCH TENSION.  Overall, I give this album lots of love because I'd enjoy any tune sung to me by her any day, any time. So Ari, can I call you that? If you ever see this, serenade me.